Monday, December 15, 2008

All the excitement

Well last night I made it home with my new to me antique sewing machine. Very excited. I will be posting pictures soon. Sadly this may take me a while as I have to remove my Christmas tree from the place it's at in order to put the machine in the house (where I want it). I will also have to get it cleaned up and check out if it's in "working order."
This project must be on hold because Holy Cow it's almost Christmas and I'm not prepared! Our fridge is bare, and I've got no desire to fight the crowds to shop. However we must buck up and head to the Wal-Mart tonight in the freezing cold might I add. This morning started out nice and toasty, and being the mother that would rather not fight with a three year old, I decided it would be safe to go coat/jacket free today. Boy was I wrong, it got cold fast, and I've been worried about my baby getting frost bite all day (not really but sick is a real possibility).
So my list is made, and I'm begging God to magically give me a few more hours in the day to finish my "gift giving baking" up before our work Christmas party on Thursday, or at least wishing for the hidden laundry/ bathroom cleaning fairy to come out of hiding. Oh to dream!
My brother will be arriving Friday morning (2AM) from San Diego. I'm very excited to get ten whole days with him. It'll be his first Christmas home since the year before he left for the Navy (2004). I can't wait! I'm sure he'll get bored of being with his big sister by day two, but oh well, if I find the energy maybe we can explore some activities that the Houston/Katy area has to offer.
Neely is already asking "what are you getting me for Christmas" every chance she can. As well as hinting or just bluntly putting it that she'd like a new dog. It's so hard to tell her sweet face no!
Soo, today will be our shopping and preparing the house for our guest night...chores are so much fun. And hopefully within the next few days I can get a lovely picture of my new favorite piece of furniture up to share, as well as some of the items that will be given as gifts this year (unless I burn down the kitchen).
I leave you with my recommendation for a great book: P.S. I love you, I enjoyed the audio book during my trip this weekend. Not as great as the movie, but very good just the same. Check it out!

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The Oxford Family said...

Glad you got your sewing machine home! PS What can you sew?!?! You may need to teach me!