Saturday, December 13, 2008

As requested:

My Aunt Donna has made her request for more pics...and since I've not had a whole lot of new happenings, I'm gonna post a few from the past, and maybe get some feedback on my attempt at this photography thing.

Today me and Mom went to do a little shopping, and pre-made our Xmas dressing (some call it stuffing) to freeze 'til the 25th. We also went to the dreaded during this time of year Wal-Mart to pick up the last gift I needed for Neely. That really cool camera. Oh what a mess, you'd think that there were no other stores in Lindale, Texas. Ha ha, there aren't.
This afternoon I went with my cousin (Chris) and his adorable family to take their Christmas card pictures since the photographer they were booked with flaked out at the last minute. Sucks for them, I lack talent! But I like this one. They are such great people, and I enjoy my time I get to spend with them. And yes, there is a baby growing in that little belly...Yippy! I just can't wait.

A few weeks back we visited the rose gardens in Houston close to the Memorial Herman Hospital. They have a wonderful park, with a train for the children, playgrounds, as well as all sorts of musems in a short walking distance. I took advantage of the warm sunny day to try out some of my first photography skills.
My garden fairy!
This next picture I really like. I took it last weekend in (downtown) Austin right off of 8th street while getting back into my husbands truck. It's the sidewalk beside a bridge with the railing shadow. It made me wonder who had walked on that sidewalk, and since I was wearing painfully cute shoes, what sort of shoes they were wearing! They were probably painfully cute shoes on the way to the many trendy clubs in that area, but it's always nice to step back and think of who else has made the same steps we have. I'd like to think we all can learn from eachothers steps...or just learn to wear more comfortable shoes! And so I leave you with a lovely picture of a sail boat on Lake Travis from last weekend. It's a great picture to use as a "happy place" though I have never been sailing, I can only imagine it as totally relaxing.

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The Oxford Family said...

Thanks for not posting the pics where I am ENORMOUS!!! Also, thanks for taking them. The top one is the one I used for cards :)

Walmart IS the only store in Lindale!