Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1st Giveaway

In an attempt to apologize to my few readers (for not having a post in quite some time), and hopefully intrigue a few more, I am giving away on of my original paintings.
I painted it last month, and it's in a medium blue and black. The canvas is small, so you can put it in a little area. Or just do like my mom and put it on a little plate stand...hers turned out rather cute...too bad I don't have a picture to share. So here it is:
Just leave me a comment, and if you do not have a blog, just leave your email address. I'll do a random drawing on Feb 1st. and ship it to ya! And again, Sooo sorry I've neglected Blogland.


The Oxford Family said...

Look at you all professional give away like! and yes, please blog more...not all of us have jobs that keep us busy all day!

Allie said...

I love all your paintings you're so talented!

Anonymous said...

Your paining is beautiful!