Friday, January 30, 2009

The Cookie Gods

Tonight I decided to make some Banana Pudding. The cheap and easy way. I'm all instant!
I've got it chilling in the fridge, and I can't wait for it to get "firm."
And you're thinking "Isn't she on a diet?" Let me just say it is no fun. I'm starving people!!! If I eat one more freaking Special K bar (90 calories) I'm going to die. Just die. I'm an emotional EATER. Not a Nibbler. I want so badly to be a little toothpick...I do, but something tells me that I'm always going to have the inter tube around my hips. (Genetics is my excuse) I love sweets, and lately I've actually had the urge to do some cooking/baking. Soooo, I'm not giving up, I will continue to cut back, but the Cookie Gods spoke to me in a dream last night.
To start the whole story: A couple of weeks ago I was looking frantically for my Spanks. (Heaven sent) I could not find them anywhere. Grr! I was so frustrated, and knew then being the frugal freak that I am that I could not go out and spend my hard earned $'s on a new pair. It's hard enough to tell your husband that you just spent a ton on "granny panties" that come up to your boobs, let alone ever let him see you in 'em. So back to the Cookie Gods, they sent me an image of the exact location of my Spanks. In the front pocket of my luggage. I am saved, and I can eat cookies again! Or Banana Pudding!

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The Oxford Family said...

I am cracking up! Too funny! How is the "healthy lifestyle" going?

PS: I love banana pudding and had never tasted it before moving here! Blame your hips on growing up in TX too...the food here...definitely not geared towards health :)

PS2: Love Spanx...would die if Chris saw me in them!