Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sexxy little things (I wish)

This past weekend I was all set to craft my butt off. However on Friday night I got home and started playing with my new sewing machine (thank you again awesome hubby!) and I had some continued issues with the bottom string getting tangled up. Being the least patient person in the world I lost my temper and decided to move on. I began to make a few journals, which I will be posting to my Etsy shop. THAT'S RIGHT! I created one!

So come Saturday, Hubby's first day off in a while, and we were kid free, I decided I had cabin fever...we had to get out. So we went to this neat little area of Houston off of Westheimer near Montrose. They have awesome vintage clothing shops as well as old furniture stores. Not to mention that all the houses in that area are bungalows and craftsman style (my dream). It's "up and coming" but I think it's just like heaven. Plus it reminds me of Austin, and I'm sure that's another reason we went. So being that all the shops had the vintage clothing, nothing fits this old gal, except these fabulous shoes. I got a steal on these Kenneth Cole's for $20 at Taxi Taxi. Now if only I could find something to wear with 'em. Sometimes I forget to act like I'm only 23 (almost 24) but I will be daring with these sexy little things.


The Oxford Family said...

Very sassy shoes! I ordered a sewing machine yesterday! I am so excited! I actually read somewhere online about trouble shooting for that lower string tension issue...maybe look online for some advice? As for the Etsy shop...I am jealous! I want to set one up, but can't seem to finish something before starting something else! What's your store name/link?

Allie said...

I love the shoes! I'm so jealous!!