Thursday, January 8, 2009


I know, I know, it's been a while since I've posted anything. I've been so busy (doing nothing but being beat down from work), and I'm trying to work out, some days, but more than that I'm actually trying to cook. Blogging at work is not going to fit into my schedule. So here I sit thinking about how I need to take a bath, and get my lazy bum to bed but I must must must share with you....
The funniest thing ever that I noticed as I was picking Neely up from daycare yesterday. She does not have a brother or a sister! Oh the lies she can tell these days!
Dallas agreed to allow me to get a cocker spaniel, however has not returned my calls, or my email application...and after watching Oprah today I'm more on board with his plan to pay on the credit card debt. Ohh man, I'm such a sucker for inspirational TV. However if you haven't been watching Oprah this week, this has been the week to watch, life changing! TIVO!
I must share with you my Canton find: $6.50, I'm not kidding. I know I need to put candles in them, but that would require me to go to the dollar store and buy everything I see. (I'm a total dollar store junkie, and I'm trying to rid myself of my addictions!) I was going to hang this adorableness on my covered patio, however Dallas convinced me that it'd look nice in the bed room, and I'm always about a little more glam in my life! Especially in the bedroom. Bowchiawowow! Just kidding.
So I also have been cooking as I mentioned before. I think it is much better than going out to eat because I wont be tempted by the yummy greasy fatty goodness that is most restaurant food. I made this lovely crab over salmon with roasted potatoes and grilled zucchini the other night... and might I say I was impressed with myself. So far I'm doing okay, I haven't gotten upset and started to eat all the sweets in site!
I also have been doing a tad bit of crafting- I painted these cards, that I plan on selling via an etsy(or whever it is) store whenever I get around to that....some day.And so next time my friends I will let you know all about my sewing machine fiasco!

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