Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Beach In February?!

Saturday night after realizing what a huge disappointment our room was (Please do go to the link for the room if you missed yesterday's post!), we decided to get out of there for as long as we could (without falling asleep). We headed over to the Iguana Grill for dinner. It was great food, a nice sunset, and we got to listen to the lovely tunes of the Dust Devils, a local band. That is one thing I love about Austin, everyone is some sort of artist, or they try to be. We left the restaurant and went to Bee Cave to the Barnes and Noble, we're book junkies. I picked up two new books (Megan Hart) and we walked around the outdoor mall there. We went back to our room...to fight the shower curtains, and dust bunnies.
The next morning we decided to take a drive around Lake Travis and take in some of the hill country views. It was such a beautiful drive. I don't know how anyone couldn't live there and not feel inspired.
We made our first stop at Marble Falls, it's a very nice small town. We drove around, checked out some of the over priced boutiques down town, while we waited for the incredibly long line to die down at the Bluebonnet Cafe. Luckily we snuck in there just in time before they closed at 1:45 to give this little gem a try. Honestly the best home cooked meal I can recall having since I was young and my grandmother would cook for me. (Check back soon for more on this great place.)
We left Marble Falls and headed for Largo Vista...but on the way we got distracted by a sign that said "Flat Creek Vineyard"so we went there. However we got there right at three when they were ending tours for the winter hours, so I felt very uncomfortable about going into the tasting room, plus being frugal as I am and stuffed to the gills, I didn't want to be forced to pay more than a few bucks, or feel compelled to buy an expensive bottle of wine. - The good news is after some google time today, it fits my budget, and it sounds like they have great wines that I plan to look for next time I hit the store. Next time I'm going to brave it and go in!
We continued our journey back around to Hippy Hollow. If you're from Texas I'm sure you've heard of it. It's the only real public beach type access to the lake, and it's beautiful! Since it was a nice 68* day we decided to get some sun. It gave me a great chance to take some pictures, and read my book in the quiet while listening to the water hit the rocks. True relaxation.

We left the beach once it started getting dark/ closing time, and headed home, listening to old country songs and laughing about them.
It was a great weekend...and it seemed like it was more than just a few days. I truly enjoyed spending quality time with my wonderful husband, as well as taking in the beauty of the area.
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