Monday, February 9, 2009

To Little Stars Dancers:

$117?! Really?!
And for what? A "trophy" and a leotard that she can obviously never wear again because guess what she's 3, she's growing, and I highly doubt you'll choose the same color scheme for next year (if your "company" stayed open that long to begin with).
I pay you $40 a month for you to come in for 30 minutes a week to teach my daughter to spin around and blow kisses. As if the Christmas pageant wasn't enough of a hassle, and might I add fairly expensive as well, you expect me to cough up more than a monthly gas bill for you to allow my daughter to shake it on stage (providing her three year old mind doesn't get distracted and stop all together) for 3.5 minutes while another little girl keeps running around like a chicken on stage ruining my photo ops. Complete bull!
It's bad enough that she thinks you're cool and looks up to you, and the one time I ever even see you you're dressed like a 15 year old slut, except you're almost middle aged! Put some freaking clothes on. Clearly you're not a parent, or have much respect for the parents and guests that were attending the Christmas show.
I believe by this point you can expect to no longer see my monthly payments to you or your company. And I'm pretty sure that after the nice little note about paying you out the rear for something now that doesn't happen 'til June you sent home with all the little kiddo's I won't be the only parent dropping this mess during these economic hard times.

Happy Dancing! NOT!

Obviously I'd never give this real letter to her, soo I'll write a nice short not like such: thanks for the opportunity to allow Neely to dance with you, however at this time we feel it is best that she no longer is enrolled in Little Stars.


Kathy said...

Venting ALWAYS makes us feel better!! And I'm proud of you on venting here instead of to the insane "company" owner!! Kuddos!! Just because she's suffering thru these hard times like most Americans, that doesn't give her the right to make it harder on you to help her out of her troubles!!

Allie said...

lol too funny! If you pay me $20 Neely can come run around my house and I'll teach her something new every week. :)

The Oxford Family said...

Karly started doing dance when she was 3 does get pricey, but how cute are they?!?!

I wish I could tell you it gets better, but it doesn't :) I pay 80 a month for Karly, not including costumes, poms, and even a charge to be in the damn production!

I try to remember it helps build their confidence and Karly loves it...most days! Plus if she stays in it and voids getting into trouble it will pay for itself in the end!