Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Love Day Meltdowns

During my few seconds of Internet searching...I found a link to this on MSN:
V-day horror stories. So I want to share with you mine, and I'd love to hear a few of yours
Fuzzy dreamy squiggly lines:
Valentines 2003:
Me and Dallas had just started "dating" as much dating as you can do when one of you lives in Boston and the other one lives in Tyler (TX). Lets just say IM is the best in the world for long distance. Dallas surprised me and came home for Valentines. So he's heading over to my house and we're gonna go out for dinner. I'm in the bathroom doing my hair when he shows up. So I invite him in, and start talking to him about how I'd gotten an early birthday gift from an unnamed source earlier that day. Gold (I never wear gold) heart shaped earrings. I was so not in a girly state of mind, and although they were a great expensive gift, one I'd never use. I go on and on about "I think heart shaped jewelery is tacky" (which I do, it's like the equivalent of the hoop earrings with your name across 'em in flashy cheap gold) "I'll never wear 'em because they are stupid hearts." I go on and on 'til I'm done curling my hair. Then we are about to head out the door and he gives me his gift.
A heart box with a necklace, with you guessed it, a heart shaped pendent! Oh I felt awful. Ashamed. I could see his fear of my disappointment in his eyes. The rest of the night went great...but I've always felt terrible for saying that. And now anytime he buys me anything he's always afraid I'll hate it.
P.S. A few weeks later my dog's toenail got caught on the chain and broke it so I had to stop wearing it, which didn't look good since he'd stayed home from Boston for the whole month of February to spend more time with me.
Okay squiggly lines back to reality.... tell me your horror story for a past love day!


Allie said...

I don't really have one besides the worst service for any restaurant is on this holiday. Pre-cooked food and a whole lot of time sitting around eating every crumb of bread because we're starving is not my idea of romantic.

Kathy said...

How about my first Valentine's Day as a newly wed. First time around! We were married in October. I wanted our first Valentine's Day as a married couple to be memorable - it was - just not like I hoped. I had worked all day and rushed home to fix his favorites. I grilled us steaks and actually steamed a lobster tail for him. Made all the trimmings plus his favorite dessert. I hurried to change and look nice and set the table w/ candles and candleholders we got as a wedding gift. Everything was ready by the time he came home. Our table was by the front door and as he walked in and saw the table set (we, like most, normally ate in the living room watching TV) he remarked: "What's going on - a seance?" Needless to say, it rather pissed me off and as he went to the restroom, I cleared the table off and changed into sweatpants!!