Saturday, February 7, 2009


Saturday we decided to go to the Zoo, we've never been to the Houston Zoo, and 39online has a list of free things to do about town, so we picked a few museums we wanted to check out in that area as well.
1st we broke our "no eating out at all this month" policy to try Cafe Adobe (the best margarita in town). It was not, and our waiter sucked. I'd rather eat crap food that have a crap waiter. So that set the tone for the rest of the day I think. We were mad at ourselves for breaking our rule for something that didn't turn out so great.
We head to the Herman park area, where we sat in bumper to bumper traffic for 1 whole hour to only find out that they have all the parking lots closed off. It was packed, and we were royally angry. Neely knew that there was a surprise but we didn't tell her it was the zoo.
So we hit up two museums, which weren't terrible, okay the first one was crap (but it was free) I just expected more. And during the second one, which is rumored to have a real Dali, Neely got all grumpy and pouty so we had to leave before we even got to it. Grr, somewhat annoyed, but truth is it was supposed to be a fun day for her and not on we go. Check SpellingWe walked around the neighborhood, which again is something I love. Me and Dallas are house looking junkies. We love to drive around and just look at houses and talk about what we like about 'em and guess how much they are typically going for. Probably if I wasn't so lazy and the market wasn't so bad I'd dream of being a realtor. In any case I love love a craftsman/ bungalow/ 1930's style house. LOVE THEM! My absolute dream is a cute somewhat updated one in a ecliptic neighborhood.
I took a few pics of the few I liked the most and the features I love about that style of house...besides a claw foot tub and wood floors.
Later we visited the big wall fountain next to the William's building in the Galleria area. It's amazing if you've never seen it. A bit cold when the wind blows the water on you. but worth it!If you've never seen the William's building (i.e. non-Houston folk) it's "the largest non-downtown building" in the state. Click the link it's got all that info. Dal's great great uncle (or something) used to be the president of the company that owned it and he occupied the top floor, YIKES! It really is freakishly tall, and I got sick just thinking about being that high...well Dallas of course tricks Miss Gullible/ Miss Not Scarred into thinking she can climb to the top, so I took a pic of her attempt. She kept saying "Come on, just give me a push, we can do it together." So I guess it's okay that we never made it to the zoo, it turned out to be an alright day in spite of the crap waiter, simi-okay margarita, and the hour of traffic to no where.

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The Oxford Family said...

Sound like an overall good day! I love the waterfall wall!