Friday, February 6, 2009

kEeLy RiPpA!

Let me just share with you my dream: Kelly Rippa makes me want to own this, the commercial makes me believe that it will change my life and put me back in control of my laundry problems. 18 minutes of wash time!? Wash and Dry in 32 minute?! It's like a gift from the laundry fairy herself.
Ohhh if only!
In the mean time 'til we win the lottery that we don't play....I will continue to wash 5 items at a time, and dry them 2 times at 70 minutes each. Lay out on the back of every freestanding chair and wait for them to continue to dry out.


Allie said...

lol you crack me up! This calls my name too as well as her "boil water in seconds" stovetop.

The Oxford Family said...

I love all the appliances she promotes! I love her banging body even more! I wonder if I could buy that?

The Oxford Family said...

I hate laundry with a passion! For the last 2 weeks I have been throwing a load in right when I get home from work! I aim for a load a day or 2 every other and it has helped soooo much! No more 12 load all day laundry Sundays!