Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bookcase Up-do

We have a bookcase in our living room, and I sorta despise it. I hate how it always looks like a cluttered mess. I'd love a fancy new one with the sliding glass doors, but my budget says NO! So I ran across a bit of inspiration in the Serena & Lilly catalog.
I love how all the books are covered to match, I've actually seen this done in a few catalogs, where they are covered to match the decor.
So I set out to give my bookcase a bit of an up-do: and this is what I have accomplished so far...a work in progress, so use your imagination I haven't made it to the bottom half.

Hopefully I'll get around to finishing the bottom part soon.


The Oxford Family said...

It does look better already! What about backing it with something? Like a different color or some pretty fabric? You could just staple it on and maybe back with cardboard or something so it stays put? I am doing that on a desk this weekend :) karly has requested zebra print :)

Kathy said...

Such a creative gal!!