Monday, March 16, 2009

Waiting, and it's no fun!

We got to meet our new kid on Saturday. He's much cuter in person than he is in his pictures. He's really sweet, shy a bit, and very calm.
He got comfortable after being at our house for a while, and made himself at home on the back of the sofa. I guess he's picked his spot already. Sadly he's got to go get "fixed" and then he can come live with us. We're all pretty excited.
Apparently Leroy hasn't been his name for very long, and he'd respond just as well to any other name, so Neely's been frantically asking "can we call it (insert any random object or made up noise here)?" That's become quite annoying and I truly regret having said anything. If and I doubt we do change his name I'd like for it to be Mason since I'm totally digging the mason jars these days, and it's a good country name. But Leroy is pretty country too!
So in an effort to keep Neely calm about the wait, I took her to Petsmart today to pick up a few items we need to prepare for his arrival. We had to get 1) collar 2) leash 3) food and water bowls 4) rawhide's, 5) ball 6) treats. I skimped out on toys, they are soo very expensive we'll hit up the dollar stores, and make use of some of our old ones from before. I'm going to wait until I see him again before we pick out a dog pillow-bed. And we've got to train him to use the dogie door. Other than that, we're all set.
So keep checking back for pictures and updates on his transition into our crazy family.


Allie said...

I'm so excited for you guys! I'm happy Neely likes him too, even though he lacks the fluffy ears. :)

The Oxford Family said...

I love was actually my number one pick for the baby but Chris was a no go! Can't wait to see new pics of him...whatever his name may be!

MRMD_GRL said...

YAY for puppies... LEroy is pretty country, either way, its a nice addition to the family!