Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stuff We Did on Saturday:

Sleep in, clean up dog pee from living room floor (WTC?! Though he was housebroken), and get dressed to head to Brenham, TX.
We wanted to visit the Blue Bell Creamery, check out the local shops, and take some pictures of the bluebonnets. I'm glad to say that we in fact got to do all three of those things.
However the creamery doesn't give tours on Saturdays, but we got to enjoy some ice cream just the same! I love Bluebell, hands down my favorite ice cream, really I think if anyone is from the south it's their fave. How could it not be?
We left the ice cream heaven and headed for the downtown area. If you're from Texas you know that all the small towns have a downtown area with unique shops and such usually wrapped around the city hall or courthouse. I have to say that Brenham has quite a few, seems to be a very active area...I was impressed and inspired by some of the items I saw in the shops. Oh I need more time to create! We had a delicious lunch at a cafe, that served this amazing herb bread. I really need some recipes on spicy/ herb bread. I'm wanting to try to make some soon. After lunch we headed back down HWY 290 towards Chapel Hill (a one stop light town) to a field covered, stress on the covered in bluebonnets for a little picture time.The whole day Neely was excited to go get pictures taken in her new dress, that I made, but once we got there I couldn't get a freaking smile from her for the life of me. Grr! So much for nice new spring pics for everyone, you'll all just have to get crappy upset looking depressed goth kid in flowers. Super! So we left to head towards the Washington On the Brazos state park to get some play time in for the kiddo, and I was hoping to enjoy the historical goodies it has to offer since I was like 12 the one time I ever went and could have cared less. Half way there (like 15 miles) I realize I lost my phone in the flower field. Oh (insert sailor language here)! So we had to turn around and go find it. I'm about to puke at the though of loosing my phone it's got so much info on it I can't imagine living without as well as the cost of replacing it. Lucky for me I found it no prob! Helped that I could use the hubby's phone to call my phone. Wheeww! Relief. So back on the road...and we arrive at the park;
with a tired ticked off kid, and an allergy infection-ed husband, and exhausted me.
We went right for the playground and left it at that. And that was pretty much our day. Not so bad if you ask me.
I've been working on my pictures and would like to invite you to check them out at: or just click here!


The Oxford Family said...

Sounds like a good weekend! Love the little dress...Miss Neely is about to show some tata! Tell that girl to pull up her top! :) Too cute!

Allie said...

haha wait till she gets older and she'll be yelling at you as to why you don't have any pictures of her smiling!

Kathy said...

Sounds like a good weekend!! I'm glad ya'll had a good day! The Brenham area has always been one of my favorites!! Sorry ya'll missed the tour but I'm glad you got some fresh ice cream!! Cute pictures - she's such the poser!!