Friday, March 6, 2009

Too Busy Thursday

After a full busy day at work..and what day isn't? I came home and got to work! I was modivated!
I've decided and convinced my husband that we need to paint the inside of our house this weekend. Right before we bought the house the last people painted it this light blue grey color...and it depresses the heck out of me. It's like a cloudy winter day everyday. So in an effort to speed up the process I started taping off the trim and areas we don't want to get paint on. That blue tape doesn't stick very well. I have a feeling I'm going to come home tomorrow and re-tape the whole thing over again. I did most of the area's I will need taped off, so a small percentage of the way there.
I washed a small bit of clothes, which I refuse to fold, or switch into the dryer until later. So Yeah, what I'm a little lazy?!
I made a wonderful little dress for Neely, because that's right I got my sewing machine figured out! Very excited. however I feel like such a spaz because I have so many half started, planned out not started and needs to just be done you can't expect too much from me. This took me maybe an hour. Glad it was a quick project. She's such a little show off.

I also cut a slip of fabric to put in her new cup that I bought her, it's one where you can decorate the paper on the inside. So she will be sporting her new dress and matching cup to "school" tomorrow.
I also saw the cutest idea on The Shabby Nest...and it was like the answer to my prayers (or at least frustrations). I have a dresser that we repainted and use for our TV stand..and it holds almost all of Dal's Cd's so it's perfect...however when I repainted it I took off the hardware, and once they dried I put them in a grocery bag to put back on later...long story short, Dal thought it was a bag for trash, and I no longer have pulls for the drawers. I've not been able to find any that fit the holes either. So I used this twine I bought last week to make some pulls. I like the rustic, casual look. I'm sorry for the poopy pic. It's dark!
So I feel very accomplished that I have completed not one, but THREE Projects as well as a small bit of cleaning.
Tomorrow I will purchase my paint, and attempt to start painting the small areas with a brush. Wish me luck...I think the eleven foot ceilings might be an issue. Poor Dal doesn't have a clue what this project will entail. So wish us luck. Updates to follow!
I hope everyone has a great weekend!


The Oxford Family said...

YAY!!! So happy you got the machine figured out!! I also loved the ribbon handle on Shabby Nest!!! I debated taking some handle out to use the idea :) I also want to see a better pic of Neely in her new dress! Email it to me! The pic on her stays too small even when I open it :) Thanks!

Kathy said...

I am SO jealous - but yet proud - that you accomplished 3 things!! Please send some of that motivation this direction along w/ an email of Neely in her new designer dress!!