Monday, March 16, 2009

I'll have a drink

and a line of blow!
You may think to yourself, oh come on, what could possibly be that bad? There's nothing that should drive you to drinking and drugs.
Well my friend there is, and it's a freaking sewing machine. It makes me want to kill someone or something.

Stay clear of the mad crazy woman with scissors and the stitch remover/ eye ball poker outer. She's likely to take out all that rage on you....because if you haven't noticed the culprit is laying sideways on the table. Yes that table the one of there covered in all that thread and material...the one with the big mess. The big mess she is too pissed to worry about cleaning up.

It is beyond me how it is sooo difficult for me and my sewing machine to work together, or whatever. All I know is we are NOT making sweet music, or anything at that!!! So in my violent rage of anger I'm going to sign off and watch my recorded TV shows about knocked up teens so I can be reminded of how much better off I am than those characters.
Oh and maybe do a bit of research of local repair/ lesson shops.
As for now, screw crafting...this is now officially my everything but crafts blog!

1 comment:

The Oxford Family said...

poor thing! that sewing machine is giving you hell! What happened with it?