Monday, March 23, 2009

Panic and

I was thinking that I might be expecting a package but that I didn't look on the front porch today for it. So, I open the front door and look out to see if something is waiting for me. Nope. And Short Leg Floppy Ear No Name Dog goes running out like lightening. HOLY SMOKES! I'm running after his wild @$$ in bare feet down the street with no leash. Once he gets all the way to the end of our street my fat jiggly rear gives up and I run back to the house, grab his leash and a pair of flip flops, keys and leave the garage door wide open and my crying child in the living room to go after that BAD BAD dog. Oh I'm in full on panic mode. He runs to the playground, and I jump out of the car go after him, and some teen trys to help however he's scared of males, so that only made it worse. He runs another two blocks towards a neighborhood with more traffic. I'm screaming at him, following him in the car, and praying I don't loose him. How he has this much energy, or move that fast with those short legs is beyond me. The whole time I'm freaking out, totally freaking out about Neely being in the house. Or mostly hoping she wouldn't go outside trying to come after me or looking for me. So my overweight rear is running, driving like a maniac, screaming for my dog that doesn't know his name, and having a mini heart attack at the though of my child possibly being in the road or someone seeing her and thinking "oh cute kid..." Finally an angel in white (a white ford) blocked the road to keep cars from coming and let his kid out to help me. Which is great 'cause the dog loves kids, and we managed to get him pinned between two houses and the fence. Oh Sooo annoyed and angry. I get home to find my poor baby girl sitting in the living room chair crying (as I knew she would be) and watching House. So needless to say I'm highly annoyed with my dog tonight...yet he's been asleep on my sofa pretty much since he got home. Yeah I'm out of energy too!
So we're all in the house now...doors shut good.


The Oxford Family said...

Seriously that is the worst feeling. Be grateful you were wearing a bra...I wasn't when it happened to me :)

Kathy said...

I'm so glad to hear everyone is accounted for and safe and sound!! MAYbe we won't be getting a puppy!!!