Sunday, March 1, 2009

Crudy Service

It seems like everywhere we go lately we get crappy service. I feel like I need to start a running tab of all the places that I go that have horrible service or rude staff. Just in the last two weeks this is what I've put up with (that really struck a nerve enough for me to remember to be upset about):
A few weeks ago at the Mexican place(Cafe Adobe), we waited almost 20 minutes for our check. Something that really drives me nuts.
Friday I order nuggets at the drive through (Burger King), only to find that I payed for them but they weren't in my bag when I got to my destination and looked in the bag.
Last Tuesday we had to suffer through Taco Bell for dinner on our way to the basketball game, since I got beans and rice I needed a fork, the self serve area was out of sporks, so I ask the cashier for one, he's looking for one and his manager looks at me and says to him, tell her to get one from out there. WTC? Do you think I'm really too dumb to not look by the napkins for one? And can you please bring your fat rude butt up here and show me how to eat rice with a plastic knife? D-bag. That really had me heated up.
Last night we go to a local bar for Crawfish, I order a drink and wait ten minutes for it, we waited almost 40 minutes for our Crawfish, only to find that they are micro is size. Almost to the point they weren't worth peeling.
I made a quick run by the grocery yesterday to pick up two whole bags worth of stuff, and the bag boy just stands there while I put my stuff in the bags for him!
I'm just highly frustrated with the horrible service we get everywhere.
Sooo, I'm just going to add to the lack of confidence in consumer spending because everywhere I go I get garbage for service. So why does the economy suck? The retards at the restaurants and trashy b&b's
Late Addition:
it's good to see someone is trying

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The Oxford Family said...

When it rains it pours! Stay home and then you know it will be good service :)