Saturday, March 7, 2009

Brushed Up and Rolled Out

Well Friday night I worked on a portion of the painting, then Saturday morning we started out. It turned out to be a huge disaster in my husbands eyes. Basically it set the groundwork for a horrible weekend together. Yes that's right I'm freaking pissy! But all his b*tch*ng aside, and my sore arms, I learned a few things about painting that I had not realized before.
1) Although that blue tape barely sticks when you want it to get a dab of paint on it and it won't peel off for anything. Horrible that there are little sections of blue tape still stuck to the trim of my house. Perhaps someday I'll get fed up with it and get a knife and start scraping.
2) More important than the paint or the rollers or that crappy tape is carpet cleaner. I know, I know, why didn't you use a drop cloth? Those suckers are a huge mess to deal with, you have to unroll, lay out, move around, hope not to smear the paint that's on it onto the floor or furniture...not to mention that it sticks to your feet when you walk around on it. So my reason for NEEDING carpet cleaner. - Not that my carpet isn't horrible as it is, I mean we had that little dog (RIP) that refused to use the doggy door when he was mad, and I have a three year old that eats anywhere in the house she wants to.
3)I learned that 11 ft ceilings, a 6 ft ladder, and 5'5" girl with a fear of heights doesn't work out real well especially when trying not to paint the ceiling.
4) Guilt will occur when you happen to decide to paint the house in "Not a color your husband would choose" and he gets pissed because painting sucks..lets face it it's not a day at the playground.
5) Those really big refrigerators have wheels, Amazing...too bad I can't get the water to come out the door.
6) Prison cell grey does in fact bleed through one coat of Toasted Coconut. 2 layers of paint are required.
7) Spongy brushes are a waste. As are any product that is "for corners"
8) Apparently the paint they sell these days aren't strong enough to get you high...making the whole process a lot less fun.
So all in all I sacrificed my child's cleanliness in order to finish my project. I didn't make her take a bath on Friday night. I know I'm a terrible mom! I pissed my husband off real good, by making it to where the TV was unplugged for more than 5 hours. And we didn't get the bedroom done. So more to do next weekend! On the upside I don't have to look at Prison Cell Grey anymore (except in my bedroom).

I will share pics as soon as I take some.


Kathy said...

Thanks for the encouragement!! Maybe we'll hire someone to do our master bedroom - I know, yeah right! Here I am, wishful thinking again!! Oh well, you can't blame a girl for dreaming!!

The Oxford Family said...

Glad you got it painted! Can't wait to see pics!