Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sobbing Sunday

Sunday we stuck around the house. It was so nice to be able to relax after a full week of go go go. I woke up pretty early, and decided to watch a movie that I rented, while Dallas was sleeping in. Didn't think I'd subject him to the ballet and chick flicks all in one week.
Rental of choice: The Secret Life of Bees... I have no idea if I was just feeling extra emotional, a total sucker for sad stories or what, but I freaking cried so much during that movie...I'd have to say it was a close second to P.S. I Love You on my sob fest meter(by the way listened to the audio book of this once and couldn't stop crying the whole time either). If you haven't seen it, and I doubt anyone really has...it really was a great movie.
So anyhow I was the good little wife and I made a pot roast and cooked up some cornbread for lunch, and we spent pretty much the rest of the day working on our hobbies, me: writing out some recipes for Pillsbury and baking some of those recipes. Dallas: playing play station, surfing the net, whatever guys like to do.
I decided come late afternoon that I'd like to watch the other movie I rented, ALONE as well. Rental of choice # 2: Fireproof. I had to see what all the hype is about, and I don't want to be a total hypocrite to follow the book but not see the movie. It was really okay once you can get past the preaching and "after school special" feel to it. I will say it too brought tears to my eyes...I guess it's a story everyone no matter what can relate to in some since. I'd recommend it to someone that's okay with made for TV quality films, but it's more about the story that the production.
Anyhow..my self diagnosis will be that I was extra emotional, making my Sunday a Sob-fest.
As for those recipes, I need prayers that they get me to the grand prize because I've got big plans if it does!

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The Oxford Family said...

I cried my eyeballs out on Secret Life of Bees too! I absolutely loved it!